Tulips harbinger of spring

Typically, people tend to Google TULIPS in March and April, just when the flowering season is knocking on our doors and we all are fed up with wintertime…We all long for brighter and longer days, going outdoors in a T-shirt or sweater and enjoy the vibrant rays of sun and the first flowers in your yard.

Tulips bring a smile to your face, right?
Tulip Yellow Flight
In september we see a small bump in interest, correlated to the autumn planting time of Tulips. It clearly leads to the conclusion that your interest to actually DO SOMETHING with Tulips is in the Spring. So we learn from that to start a dialogue with yourselves in the Spring. Therefore, please do not procrastinate (I never do that ;-) but instead start ordering your Tulips as soon as you can THIS SPRING. It will help you get your products on time for planting this autumn and by ordering early, you reserve the actual variety with the grower. We are working hard behind the screens to get the latest information from our farms and will open the shop soon in February.

Also eminent is the trend for Google search to show a distinct decline of interest over time. At Amsterdam Tulip Farm we hope to bring an impact over time that will reverse this trend. Nothing wrong with a dream, right? Will you help us make the world a joyful place?

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